3.55am wide awake 

Yep I’m wake after changing a poo nappy then putting Finn back to bed I’m wide awake.

My children don’t often sleep through at night grrrrrrrrrr I’m currently laying here with Niall snoring beside in the middle of our bed.

Who the he’ll need birth control when you’ve got children because more often then  not there either one sleeping in the bed or one waking up (life as parent I guess). Most parents would probably be in the same boat has myself and I think  parents would be lying if they say their children slept through the night every night with out fail, I mean when they under 5 away.

Some people say I never let my children sleep in our bed that fine but for myself when I’m buggered and all I want to do is sleep it’s easier to drag the child in beside me and so back to sleep. The other option I have is to drag my sorry arse out of bed in the freezing cold ( I live down south in an old house)  drag the child back to his bed throwing him back into his bed, get him  a bottle throw that at him and then sit there in the freezing cold until he goes back to sleep (this is to avoid a complete meltdown in the middle of the night that wake the whole house up). 

So you if you have no children enjoy your bed to yourself because if your planning on having children is won’t last no matter how bloody hard you try not to  sleep with your children in your bed it will happen unless you have angels that sleep through the night from get go ( you do what you can to get sleep).

If you lucky enough and you’ve had children and they have grown out of sharing your bed count yourself lucky and welcome back to you sex life hopefully ( lucky grrrrrrrrrr one day I’ll get there). Well you’ll  probably get back more then your sex life, you’ll probably not walking around like a zombie with bags under your eyes and you can probably go to the loo in peace without anyone coming to see you or yellowing out to find out were you’ve gone. That’s OK you’ve done your years of all the above.

Honestly I don’t really know why I’m actually writing this in blog but it is the honest truth about parenting you don’t often get many times in your day were there  not a child far behind you or yellowing out to try and find you. Sometime I wish I had a super power to make yourself invisible just to have 2 mins to yourself , time to have a sex life or just to  have a full night sleep ( super power will never happen I know I’m dreaming). 

Yes love my four little darling boys all the same no matter how many times I’ve gotta share our bed at night and how many times I’ve gotta do my toilet business in front of someone. It’s all part of being a parent I guess and one day it will comes to an end when they grow up and finally sleep through night, no more sharing the bed and welcome back your sex life ( just don’t forget that birth control otherwise you end up at square one again). 

For now I guess I’ll enjoy my bedtime cuddles from one or more then one child at night ( don’t think Matt will enjoy being kicked out of bed because the kids have taken over ). Yes I’m still taking birth control just encase a miracle happens and we do actually get 2 sec to ourselves plus if I’m on it I don’t have to deal with the monster monthly so guess that’s a bonus. 

One day I might actually get to go to the toilet in peace and not walk around like a zombie with big bags under my eyes but for now I’m a mum and a mum gotta do her job because no day my four little monsters won’t be little anymore and have either own life. 

As everyone says they are  only little for short time even  if it seems like a life time. 


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