Two days of HELL

Well what can I say I’ve had two days without my medication and it’s been horrible probably as close to I’ve come wanting to end everything I even told hubby I wish I never had kids that when he knew something was up as I love my kids so much and do anything for them.

It wasn’t was fault that I was without medication as I rang the doctor to get new script before I ran out on as knew if I didn’t I would run out over weekend. Rang Friday morning and Friday afternoon to see if been fax and nope even went into pharmacy to see if could get some to over my weekend but he couldn’t help. So today being Monday day two with out meds I rang the doctors and had a nut within 10 mins I got txt to say it had been faxed ( thank god). 

I’m lucky hubby stay home today as withdrawals from my meds aren’t nice headache, dizziness and some very scary thought which was a withdrawal from my medication. I have never experienced anything like this before on any other medication. So now the doctor looking at changing me something that doesn’t have as bad withdrawals. 

I will never ever be without my medication again nor will I be coming off them in a hurry as not fear on anyone. 

Best news is ones I’ll take my meds again my thought will come clear again and I can enjoy life for the better and hubby and the kids won’t have crazy person  living with them anymore. 

So please if you medication please be very careful coming off them as side effect isn’t sometimes worth it. I wasn’t trying to come off them just the doctor muck up.


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