Auckland Holiday freedom without children

What can i say the Auckland trip was my first holiday in 9 years without children or hubby (yahoo). I wasn’t sure if i was excited, nervous or scared but all i knew i was going to try and make the best of the holiday.

So on Saturday 22nd October I made my way up  to Queenstown (for some strange reason to fly out of Invercargill to anywhere it cost and arm and a leg beyond my budget anyway). So got to Queenstown and omg seems so strange sitting by yourself in the airport not having to worry about anything apart from missing your plane but i still found myself looking around for the boys even through i knew they were not even here ( called myself a paranoid person or was it a habit that most mums do) all i knew people must of thought i was crazy women staring at them.

Anyway I didn’t miss the plane and my worry about Jetstar canceling the plane didn’t happen (there has been a few times they have done this to me in the past ). So plane trip to Auckland was fine apart from the couple that was sitting beside feeding each other crackers making me want to throw up in the sick bag ( yep I’m not a good romantic person  the thought  of it just makes me sick well in public anyway ). So got to Auckland safe sound little did i know what it was going to be like ( I lived in Christchurch for 7 years it cant be that bad can it). So a friend and I went half in  the cost of rental car and I’m bloody glad her name was down as driver otherwise I don’t think we would have made it out of the airport carpark if I was driving,  by the way this was a quiet weekend in Auckland.


A huge car just for the two of us 

We were staying in the North Shore so over the harbor bridge we went I was so excited to see the bridge  ( that was short lived after about the 5th time going over it ) don’t know how some Auckland people can travel over it everyday its  the scariest thing three lines across it and then two lanes at the side of the bridge and that was just one way traffic wasn’t counting the car going the other direction.

We went to a bar to meet up with the bride and groom omg it was nuts the night of the All Blacks game as soon as I stepped into the bar my personal bubble pop there was no where to go but to squeeze between people to make your way to the table ( you just had to hold you breath and hope that no one has bad B.O). We stayed there for about an hour and left to find our accommodation for the next three days.

We were very lucky to be able to stay at a friends of the bride, the house was on the North Shore also so didn’t have to travel far ( in Auckland terms). We got to the house went down the drive only to realize how steep the driveway was, it was pitch black at the time of the night so we couldn’t see if there was room to turn around or not. We decide to do 100 three point turns to be safe finally got the car turn around only to find it out didn’t have enough grunt to get up to driveway so my friend floored it and we got to the top without a scratch to the car. We decided it was safer to park on the street and walk down the steep driveway with suitcases in tow. We were told the house did not have an alarm so we open the door only to be greeted with a alarm going off , we tired  to ring bride only to find out that there was no repetition, the alarm still going off we finally realize that the keys had a remote for the alarm yahoo it turned it off (thankful no police showed up nor did the neighbors imagine the story we would have to tell them, weather they would believe us would be different story). The house was amazing great views and it’s a place I  would never  take the boys too as everything was light in colour and I would hate to think what colour everything would be if my boys were to stay there.

Sunday the 23rd was the big wedding day they had stunning day for the wedding the sun was out early so you knew it was going to be a hot Auckland day. The wedding was at 2.30pm, so leaving in enough time to get to the wedding was a guess as you never know what the traffic is like or what going to happen well your travelling there. We made it in plenty of time ( so no more stressing for the day)  everything was at the same venue so we didn’t have to move. Yes I had to do the normal selfie before the wedding ( you know when you take 20 and pick the best one )


The selfie

The wedding venue was in Mission Bay and it was simply amazing and you could see why they picked to get married there.  With stunning day you knew it was going to be a good day.

The bride had spent countless hours making her own wedding dress, which suited her well and look a million dollars she got some help making the top but it was by far amazing ( i hope she is proud of her efforts) . The groom didn’t scrub up to bad either ( they do really get it easy on the day ). The service was romantic with a few jokes and the couple wrote their own vows ( something i find truly special, something all couple should do but that is my thought anyway). The rest of the day was full of laughs, wine and food the venue sure knew what they were doing when it came to weddings. You would have a glass of wine soon as soon as it was empty or close to it was full up again so you didn’t actually know how much you were actually drinking ( no i didn’t get drunk was fine the next morning but a few other people look a little worse for wear the next day).  The bride and groom done wonderful job planning their wedding and i hope it was everything they wanted.

The day after the wedding my friend traveled back to Invercargill but i had an extra day in Auckland so got to spend a bit more time explore the crazy city.  Met up with the bride and groom and spending  day hanging out with them, went shopping at Kmart ( was sadly disappointed with what they had in store) got the children a toy each, as my mum us to do it for us when she went away so i had to keep it going ( lucky I don’t go away very often I can handle four gifts every 9 years). We went to the sky city for tea that evening with the brides family and it was good to actually sit down and eat the meal well it was hot.  I ended up staying at the bride and grooms house that night as it was going to be easier to get me to airport in the morning.

Sadly on the Tuesday the 25th at 6am it was time to travel to the airport to travel home back to the kids and hubby. I can’t say I loved Auckland but it was nice go away  on holiday, catch up with people and not have to worry about four children for three days.  I had no idea if i was looking forward to seeing the boys and hubby again, I think I was worried what i would face on my return home.  Yes I did miss them but it was nice to have a break away to refocus and I think you get appreciated a bit more when you return home from being away ( even if its just for one day). Next time i am not going to leave it 9 years to have another break away but next time it will be nice if it was hubby and I ( if only we could find someone to look after four children, dreams are free i guess) maybe in 20 or so years when all the kids have grown up and left home.







School holiday……..

Yahoo the school holidays are over and everyone back to school and childcare on Monday (bring it on)

So the past two week I’ve had the boys at home off and on. First week was not to bad as Lachlan and Finn were still at childcare, so I got to spent some extra special time with Ryan.  We went to chipmunks and went Pokémon hunting around the park. The second week was different story we didn’t really leave home as I hate taking all four boys out on my own as my anxiety gets really bad and I suffer from mild panic attacks ( only because one child goes one direction and other one run another) and I feel like ever parent is judging me as I normally get a comment or two when I’m out with all four.  I did suck it up on Tuesday and take three out of four boys swimming and omg this will be not happening again. No one drouned but Finn who just turn theee wouldn’t stay in water he would get out and run around side of pool and then it was a race between myself and lifeguard to get him became  embarrassing as I seen a lot of parent staring at me like omg women control your kids. All I wanted to say is he bloody three year old and  that likes to explore and I was watching him the whole time and I was never far behind him. 

Other things we done was makinb playdough and too this day it will be the death of me ( what part of leave it on the table and don’t get any on the floor that they do not understand grrrrr). We done other random things but I am so buggered the boys always had to have something to do otherwise watch out they would be up to something they shouldn’t be doing. Sometime I wish I had a girl who would be happy to sit there playing dolls or drawing ( drawing last all off 2 seconds in this house before they bored and the wall become the paper).
So bring on Monday and bring on those lunchbox, the one hour drop off round trip because you have to stay and play with youngest two or you’ll get years and bring on the battle with getting home work done (Ryan is horrible he a last minute child and it will all be done on Thursday night or he pretends to leave it at school). 

I guess life would be boring if I didn’t have four boys to run around after, there is only one thing I don’t understand with amount of running around I do I should be the super skinny as I’m pretty lucky if I get time to sit on my arse ( reason why I don’t do many blog post I guess)

I hope you guys had a good school holidays or are you looking forward to packing the lunchboxs and the school drop off this  will be me on Monday. 

This me me celebrating that Monday is only 2 sleeps away.