Faking it until I make it 

I’m guessing  we all have these moments as a parent that some days are worse then others. 

This morning I got up and I suddenly knew today going to be one of those days because one child can’t make up his mind what he wants for breakfast three bowls of different cereal later hes finally eating something, another child is holding onto my leg crying , another one having a meltdown because he wants my bowl of cereal for breakfast when they are both the bloody same thing. ( I never get to eat anything i make myself) well this is all happening the 9 year old coming 19 year old is sleeping half the day away because he been up half the night on youtube, even pulling the phone jack out the modem doesn’t work he sneaks in and puts back in grrrrrr. I think to myself what the hell did I get up for  ( that’s when I know I gotta fake it to I make it through the day). 

So on slaps the make up because for some silly reason it makes me feel semi normal like I’ve got my shit today ( when in fact I’ve got nothing together and just about lose my  f**kin mind).

Your probably all asking what hubby doing well all this is happening he off playing bowls ( that’s fine because he needs his time away from house too, my bloody turn tomorrow) 

So now it’s 10am and I haven’t done anything  sitting here make up on, tights and singlet top with Niall sleeping on my arm and a  three year old trying to put on a pair of gumboots that too small for him but he determined to wear them today ( they never going to fit the fuckin things) 

This is the current  state of the lounge and if you fellow me on Facebook or Intagram you will also see what it looking like, you will also know I have many pet hate but number one is the bloody couch cushions off the couch😩. These things ever use to worry me like having a messy house (Facebook a good reminder of how messy my house use to get actually make me ill looking at those photos)  but now it impacts on my anxiety and my mood thanks for pnd I can’t handle it looking like this, so will be clean up before I head anywhere today.

So if your ever having a crap day remember to take two mins time out slap some make up ( or whatever it is that make you feel like your with it) and forget  about what the children are like ( throw them outside like I do just so you can have some peace) and remember you can always fake it until you make it through the day. Remember as along as the kids are alive at the end of the day you’ve done you job. O and if anyone come and visit well your house is in a state like mine one is currently and if they don’t like it give them a job to do or show them the door , you’ve got kids your house is never going to be prefect ( well mine won’t be prefect for another 18 years or so anyway).  

Just fake it if you have to you won’t be the only parent doing so. 


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