Shit Week 

These always a point in a person life were they wish they were not a adult and have to deal with all the crap that we have to deal with. 

This is me currently, I feel as if my life is caving in and I have no control over what is going to happen next and my boys don’t know were their home will be.  So has you guys know if you fellow my Facebook page (fourboyscrazymumnz)  we moved into a new rental four weeks ago only to be told last week (so three weeks into the new house) that the house is going on the market ( she fuckin lucky she didn’t get an ear full from me on the phone). I can’t understand how she can just do it to a family who have been in the house three weeks ( we hadn’t even unpack fully) she would of had the intention to sell it even before she signed us up (I did ask her before signing up of it was long term the answer was yes)  to me anyone that can sign someone up to rental and having the full intention to sell the house but don’t tell the tenant are heartless souls( sorry if this sound mean word to use but it true). Trying to break the fall by saying that they will try and find an investor to buy the house so we can keep renting it hasn’t made it easier at all ( the add on trademe doesn’t have anything about the tenants are happy to stay on ) and we all know your going to take the highest offer you can get because your only looking after yourself ( you wouldn’t of sold it otherwise or would at least tell us the truth before we signed up) but guess you needed someone in here to pay you mortgage.  If knew her full intention to sale the house before we signed up we would of stayed in the last rental and kept looking for long term rental. 

We have never had it easy at finding rentals or being able to settle as a family in a house. My oldest son Ryan who is 9 years old and he has lived in so many houses ( I think this house is number 10) he always worries about were we going to live and will he need to change school. Why should nine year old have to worry about that its fuckin crap he said me the other day where will we live when this house sells, what am I suppose to say when I don’t even know were we going to live myself  (probably homeless if sells too fast or living out the car). Ryan suffers from anxiety which in turn turns to anger and it’s hard to see him like this(break my heart), I don’t fully know what goes on in his wee head but having an unsettle life and moving all the time can’t help him at all. I am so glad that I kept him at the same school as last year and didn’t change him to the closest school at least he has some normality in his life at the moment anyway. 

The other three are probably still to young to understand what going on I know Lachlan understand we have to find a new house and Finn I think still thinks we on holiday because every time we drive past our old place he wants to go home and points to old house. 

Yes we would love to be able to buy a house and currently looking into it but still upsets me uplifting the boys yet from another house and into a new house or possible the car if we can’t find a suitable rental ( honestly there some dumps out there and that everywhere is New Zealand) 

My family is my life and I know as long as we are together we will be ok, we are  a family that has already  over come so many things and you think what else is life going the throw at us. Sometimes I think life would be better off if I didn’t wake up the next morning but my boys and hubby need me and I know that. Just the fuckin crap that just kept a happening to us and you get so close to breaking point and you know you just have to carry on but it’s bloody hard to face the next day. 

So if you landlord look after you tenant don’t treat them like crap and be honest with them because we are all human and we deserve to know the truth (I hate people who lie, when our landlord tells me to be honest with her I am 100% and she can’t do the same in return).

We can only but hope we find a new rental or have the opportunity to buy our first home so the boys don’t have to grow up not knowing were home is going to be. 


2 thoughts on “Shit Week 

  1. JESS says:

    Hi,your blog would be so much better if you proof read it first.
    It’s very hard to read when you use the wrong words for basic things and makes the reader loose interest very fast as it’s annoying.
    I’m not hating on your blog,just offering constructive criticism.
    Have a good day.


    • Thank you so much for your feedback I’ve just placed the same question on my Facebook page and from now on I’ll get someone to proof read it for me as I lack in that area. Failed English at school 😂. Thank you 😊


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